• Thanks for the level you gave to go long in nifty from 10400 on 02.01.18 and subsuequent follow up till 11000 level really i didnot see this kind of accuracy in my trading experiecne nearly a decade in the market, i want to thank you for timely follow up with trailing stoploss.

Raj Naik, Mumbai


Thanks Mr.Raj for yor valuable feed back.

Bista Ravi, 12-02-2018


• Sir I thank you for the member guidance. You told me to sell Nifty at 10450-10480 range I really scared, but on the faith I sold, really amazing sir when u asked to book profit at 10250 and asked me to buy till 10100, now i closed at 10350 given morethan 40k profit. No words to say about your technical skill. Hats off sir

Shanmugam, Salem


Hi Mr Shanmugam, our technical levels always will work like that, particularly in Nifty positional.. Why u closed at 10350, i told to hold right?... anyway wait for another chance..thanks

Bista Ravi, 21-11-2017


• I feel very happy about BISTA Membership. Your MCX Crude positional Sell call around 3460 level given very good profit Your timely exit advice at 2950 helped me to book profit 500 points in first time in crude Thanks a lot

Suresh Babu, Coimbatore


Hi Suresh, Thanks for your feed back.

Bista Ravi, 02-08-2017


• Sir I am happy on my annual privilege membership. I am watching the Nifty and Crude, the Nifty stopped the run at 9273 (your resistance level 9265) and come down 200 points. Crude also tested 3478 (your resistance 3460) and come down to 3300. Very nice analysis.

Rajasekar, Madurai


Thanks Mr Rajasekar for your feedback.

Bista Ravi, 20-04-2017


• Sir I am a member of your webite. Already I have member id and password but unable to login Market Outlook page ?

Sridhar Narayan, Chennai


Hi Sridhar, the Member Login given earlier to read the Nifty Outlook alone. But, we are offering now annual Privilege Membership with more benefits such as Market Outlook Analysis on Nifty, Bank Nifty & MCX Crude and also giving positional calls & Option calls to our Privilege Members with a nominal cost.  

Bista Ravi, 10-04-2017


• Very Good Service and Timing in NG Live Demo. Thank u sir

Suresh Babu, Trivandrum


Hi Sir, Thanks. You are always welcome

Bista Ravi, 17-11-2016


• I unable to understand the slippage..What is slippage & why..

Manoj, Banglore


Hi Manoj, Slippage is plays a major role in our calls.. We cannot say 100% the price will test to take the trade at the given level for eg. in MCX NG SELL call on 03.11.16, we advised to SELL at 186.20, here the slippage is allowed 0.30 pts means one can SELL at 185.90 (186.20-0.30). The slippage is given to enter trade from 185.90 onwards, instead of waiting for the price of 186.20, yesterday it tested exactly 185.90 and given all the tgts till 183. If any one waited for the price for 186.20, they would have misssed the trade, so always we enter below certain points for SELL trade and above certain points in BUY trade. Hope it is clear.. Still any doubt pl do call me:9841048022

Bista Ravi, 04-11-2016


• Nice Demo on Natural Gas Good follow up messages keep it up! will call later

Deepak Ghosh, Mumbai


Hi Deepak, Thanx.. In all of our Guidances, we will send followup calls till the position is closed  

Bista Ravi, 04-11-2016


• All the best for your New MCX NG service..really I satisfied the demo..will soon join..



Hi Prabhu Thanks for your wishes You are always welcome for profitable trade

Bista Ravi, 04-11-2016


• Sir I took 2day Free Demo on Natural Gas It achieved all Targets! My question is what is the accuracy for whole month ?

Sridhar Murugesan, Salem


Hello Sridhar We always maintain 90% success on our all Guidance. Stop loss may trigger 2-3 trades in a month, if SL trigger we will give recovery call on the same day.

Bista Ravi, 04-11-2016





Hi Mr Arun Mishra, I have written the Weekly outlook on Nifty Index in our website, if you want to read please send us, the request to get the Member Login.

Bista Ravi, 15-05-2016


• Bought 1 lot Bank Nifty @16600, May series. Pls advice

Dev, Mumbai


Hi Mr Dev, Bank Nifty Futures may face strong hurdle at 16600 and it is weak below 16350, any close below 16350 it may test 16250-16100-15950 level. Hence it is not advisable to hold below 16350 on closing basis.

Bista Ravi, 04-05-2016





Hi Mr.Pradeepa You can hold 7600 PUT till Nifty spot trade and close above 7800, above 7800 on closing basis exit 7600 PUT or keep sl below 50

BISTA Ravi, 04-04-2016


• Bought nifty 7200put@19 & nifty 7600put@86 (april).please advise sir. Partha.

Partha Mukherjee, Barddhaman


Hi Mr Partha, You can hold PUT option in Nifty Index till 7800 in spot Nifty basis, the close above 7800 may take the Index to 8000 level. Watch 7700 in Spot Index, if close below 7700 and trades then only can test atleast 7600 -7500

BISTA Ravi, 04-04-2016


• Hello sir, i m holding bnf 13800pe @ 84. How u judge feb expiry ? should i get a big reward in this or try to exit near cost ? any sl tgt plz ?

Tushar, Jaipur


Hi Mr.Tushar, Bank Nifty got good support at 14100-14000 band since the Union Budget is next week, this FEB series, may close above 14000 hence, keeping 13800 PUT option, may not yield any return unless it breaks 14K and close. You can keep SL bleow 45 on closing basis and exit.

BISTA Ravi, 18-02-2016


• Sir I have purchased Nifty 7400 put. Please advice.



Hi Mr Kapil, If Nifty spot takes support at 7300-7250 level, you can book profit, likewise above 7570 in spot trades and close, then exit your 7400 PUT option

BISTA Ravi, 06-02-2016


• Sir I purchased 7000 put feb. how long i can hold it



Hi Mr Balagopal, Nifty support seen at the 7400-7300 level for short term, you may hold a 7000 PUT option with SL Rs.8 on closing basis, Nifty may rebound from 7300 levels, for budget rally and be cautious.

BISTA Ravi, 09-02-2016


• Today (02.02.16) I purchased 10 lots of Feb 7000 Nifty puts @ 20. At what levels do you recommend exiting the position

Riyaz Millwala, Mumbai


Hi Mr Riyaz, You can hold 7000 Nifty Put. If Spot Nifty not break 7350-7325 band then book profit. 

BISTA Ravi, 03-02-2016


• dear Sir, today i have bought 7400 put @ Rs.17, kindly advice about SL & TGT

pramod, mumbai


Hi Mr Pramod Nifty may take support at 7400 level and we expect the expiry close between 7400-7500 band. You have bought 7400 PUT for Rs.17, you will get your cost only if Nifty spot closes below 7383, you can hold 7400 with SL Rs.10 on closing basis for 26-33-37

BISTA Ravi, 27-01-2016


• Hello sir, i buy nifty 7200pe @ 45 today, now 4 trading days left in this expiry. Can i get reward in this pe ? Plz guide tgt sl. Whether to hold or exit ??

Tushar, Bikaner


Hi Mr Tushar Keep SL for 7200 PUT below 24, the Nifty Index good support at 7230 level and we can expect more volatility in the market hence donot keep 7200 PUT below 24 else it will test Rs.10 

BISTA Ravi, 22-01-2016


• Ravi Sir, Please advise where is teh support for NIFTY spot.

T S Ramesh, Chennai


Hi Mr Ramesh Please read our Nifty weekly outlook to know about the Spot Nifty support for this week.

BISTA Ravi, 18-01-2016


• I write 7500 put at 120 rs Now nifty close at 7533 am I hold up to expire

Paresh, Surat


Hi Mr Paresh The Nifty may break 7400 on Monday to test 7375-7350 band and you are holding short in 7500 PUT@120, you can hold till Nifty spot holds 7350 if breaks this level then it may test 7250-7150 in this downtrend, since you wrote 7500 PUT your loss is unlimited pl be careful.

BISTA Ravi, 16-01-2016


• I am holding nifty 7900pe@80. Currently it is trading at 22. I am planning to hold it till tomorrow. Is it a good idea?

Murthy Ravanam, Hyderabad


Hi Mr Murthy Ravanam It looks the Nifty may close between 7850-7950 band on expiry You are holding 7900 PUT with a cost of 80 You may get profit , only if Nifty trades below 7850-7820 level I suggest to hold with sl below Rs.10 and try to average at 12-10

BISTA Ravi, 29-12-2015


• I have 2 lots of 7600 PE at Rs.80 Please suggest me

Pankaj Pahuja, Jabalpur


Hi Mr Pankaj  Good support seen in Nifty at 7700-7600 for this expiry already 7600 PUT is trading at Rs. 15, I suggest you to exit 7600 PUT if close below Rs.10 else it will become zero. The immediate hurdle seen at 23-25 If u want add some more at low level. 

BISTA Ravi, 20-12-2015


• Can u pl advise on USDINR to hold the Buy or not

Anoop Metha, Mumbai


Hi Mr Anoop You can hold USD INR till 66.35 on spot basis. If it trades below 66.35 can test till 65.60

BISTA Ravi, 17-12-2015


• In what basis your giving the advice either technical based or fundamental

natarajan k, Bangaluru


Hi Mr Natarajan All our views are based on technical, we are not seeing any fundamental, that is why we are not providing any service on equity market and we stick only on Index service like Nifty/Bank Nifty and Commodity. Our Intraday or Posiitional Calls are based on purely technical and maintaining 90% success always.

BISTA Ravi, 07-12-2015


• sir, why u r not develope intrady or positional or option trading software through ur company

ravi.k.badiger, dandeli


Hi Mr Ravi.k.badiger We donot believe in Software signals in either Intraday or Positional trade becuase the software is developed with the help of current market knoweldge, but the Market is dynamic which is changing the pattern everyday, moreover when we use mechanical trading system, can decide then and there and take decision for safe exit, the same which the software cannot do, since it is developed with pre-parameters and you cannot expect more than 70% success in Software, whereas mechanical levels will give 90-95% success.

BISTA Ravi, 05-12-2015


• I want to trade in commodity sector.Can have I any free advisory from your firm.

Purna ch, Panda, Balangir


Hi Mr Purna Panda, We are not providing any free tips for Commodity or Nifty segment. Our free advisory service is available only for your specific query related to the stock market. We offer MCX Crude & Gold Intraday tips with 90% accuracy with very minimum stop loss. To know more about our services, please call:9841048022

BISTA Ravi, 28-11-2015


• sbi

shyamal sau, HOWRAH


Hi Mr Shyamal, Please be clear on your question and tell us what you want in SBI

BISTA Ravi, 27-11-2015


• different stock brokers charging different commission for equity trading and options trading what is the reason regarding icici charging huge brokerage comparatively with other stock brokers can you give the clarification?

naredla.ramachandramurty, vizianagaram


Hi Mr. Ram SEBI fixed a maximum brokerage for all the brokers but they have not fixed any minimum borkerage. The brokerage house will charge the brokerage according to their cost. Reputed brokerage firm will charge more since their costing is also more and they may provide some value added service. In the case of small time brokerage may offer low brokerage to meet the competition and they will have less branches so their operating cost is less Hence this difference

BISTA Ravi, 25-11-2015


• nifty option tips

Surajit, kolkata


Hi Mr Surajit We are not providing any free  tips and in Nifty option we have Option Breakout Strategy Pl read about this in our services page

BISTA Ravi, 25-11-2015


• I have taken long in Crude mega at 2800 today it down and trading at 2720 Pl advise me to hold or exit

Jose, Cochin Kerala


Hi Mr Jose Crude mega got support at 2660, if u wish to hold, then can hold and average at 2700-2670 level and exit below 2660 on closing basis, it may re-test 2765-2775-2800 levels, you can book/exit the Long there or trail your stoploss.

BISTA Ravi, 23-11-2015


• I shorted Nifty at 7875 for expiry at 7700 what stoploss to maintain

Deepak , Pune


Hi Mr.Deepak You can maintain 7950-7970 as Stoploss and please note that 7815-7790 being good support (the levels are based on spot nifty place stoploss or booking profit in Nifty future accrodingly)

BISTA Ravi, 21-11-2015


• Free tipa

Prashant, Surat


Hi  Prashant We are not providing any free tips to trade in stocks/commodity.  The free advisory service is available only for your specific query related to the stock /commodity market.

BISTA Ravi, 21-11-2015


• Want crude tips

karthick gaja, chennai


Hi  Karthick We are not providing any free tips to trade in Crude. The free advisory service is available only for your specific query related to the stocks /commodity market.

BISTA Ravi, 21-11-2015


• USD currency (F) is on buy or sell mode?



Hi Aluri Gadadhar USD INR is in BUY mode as long as it trades above 65.55 in spot level and face hurdle at 66.51 then 66.74 (the levels are spot level since I am following only spot level)   

BISTA Ravi, 19-11-2015


• Can u please suggest about the Nifty trend

Sridhar, Chennai


Hi Sridhar Please read our Nifty Outlook posted in our website every week and month to know the trend..

BISTA Ravi, 18-11-2015


BISTA Announcement

As on 21.05.18, we earned 489 pts in Nifty Fut with a net profit of Rs.36675 in 11 trade(s) and 1574 pts in Bank NiftyFut with a net profit of Rs.62960 in 11 trade(s) All Net Profits earned are before Slippage, Brokerage & Taxes. To check the trade details visit:

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As on 21.05.18, we earned 358 points in MCX-Crude Mega with a net profit of Rs.35800 in 11 trade(s). Net Profits are before Slippage Brokerage & Taxes. To check the trade details visit: BISTA-Intra Past performance For details please contact: 98410

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As on 09.05.18, We earned 410 points in Nifty Swing Positional with a net profit of Rs.30750 in 2 position(s). Net Profit/Points earned, before Slippage, Brokerage & Taxes. To check the trade details visit: BISTA-Positional perfomance  For further details please Contact: 98410 48022Read More


Nemi Jain, Jaipur

Hi, this is Nemi Jain from Jaipur, attended the Level 1-Advanced Trading Methodology training program at Chennai from 24th-26th May 2014. The trading methodology & strategies for positional and intraday trades taught in this training are excellent, the levels for .......

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Sujal G Ajmera, Mumbai

Intraday levels provided by Niftytech are by far and large the best ones I have come across. It almost seems like magic!


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V.Krishnamurthy, Chennai

I subscribed this month (May'14) for Nifty Futures intraday, from the day onwards I am making profit everyday, earlier I took tips from different people where I have lost money. The levels are perfect and targets are achievable.


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Shankkar Chawla, Nasik

Thanks Sir, All Trades are Good and Safe at all Time...Thanks a lot


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Shankkar Chawla, Nasik

Marvelous, Your trading Faster than Air.. Faster than Market Ji...Thanks


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Karthik Keshava, Bangalore

" I have been associated with Ravi Sir since 2010 and I love trading in Nifty Positional. The levels are excellent and one can comfortably trade the calls. Trust me...You will not regret it and will fall in love with trading Nifty! Ravi Sir's deep understanding and pa.......

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Ram Akula, Hyderabad

Accurate intraday Nifty levels with perfect analysis and proper follow ups. I am trading just on recommendations of Ravi Sir i am really happy making good profit. I honestly recommend Ravi Sir analysis for your risk free trade.


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Kathirvel, Erode Tamilnadu

Hai I am Kathir from Erode.. I am doing nifty option trading. I went many tips providers but all failed. Finally I subscribed with paid trial with nifty tech. I earned good profit. Their calls are very good. Different from others. But we must patience to get profit.......

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Anitha, Madurai, Tamil Nadu

I really appreciate your Nifty Intraday calls they are highly accurate and profitable. Being a house wife i am able to trade with confidence without knowing much about Nifty Futures. I am really so happy, Thank you so much


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Atanu Kanti Datta, Kolkata

Excellent, marvellous, as i'm a new one i have some hesitance and i think i'll overcome with your kind , sincere guidance. All the best to you


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Karuppaiah.J Chennai

Karuppaiah.J from Chennai  attended ATM Level-3 Options Breakout Strategy on 02.08.14 at Chennai, we did this training program for him. His feed back on OBS training programs is as follows: "I got confidence to earn money in Market. ATM Level-3 is very simple met.......

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Kareem, Chennai

Sir I am happy about your Calls. They are good. Really you are telling the correct direction of the Market. Your performance updation is genuine. Let God bless you. Thanking you Kareem,Chennai


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Ganesh Kumar P.N, Palakkad

Mr Ganesh Kumar from Palakkad attended ATM-level2-Option Breakout Strategy Training Program on 01st November 2014-Saturday at Chennai. His views about the Porgram " Excellent Experience. Got Introduced to  a new world of trading. Hats off Ravi sir"..


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Mukesh Patil Maharashtra

Sir, the service is best also time to time updated trade guidance is provided by you. We will be together as early as possible.


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Dear Ravi, I am extremely happy with your service..looking forward to long association... Regards Sridhar Hyderabad..FTS Intra Option Trader..


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Karthik Kesav, Bangalore

My Trading view for 9th January 2015:Today was a real rollercoaster day with Infy results on the horizon. If one wanted to see the real meaning of "swing", then they should have observed today's Index movement. We started off by booking our BTST Nifty.......

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Shivakumar-Chennai -MCX Crude Trader

I started MCX-Crude subscription with BISTA, I really wonder about their Intraday MCX Crude Strategy, previously I never traded in a range bound move, but now I am trading with BISTA Levels with stop loss (not triggered) and enjoying the profit. Thanks to BISTA


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R K Paramasivam - Chennai

I have undergone Level-1 training with BISTA during Dec 2014 and making a small profit, but this month (Jan'15) in Option trading made Rs.2.10 Lakhs in a single trade based on the BISTA Option Breakout Strategy and decided make some donation to Isha Foundation from th.......

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Ashwin Lalan MCX-Crude Trader

BISTA Intra MCX Crude calls are very safe and secured, now even small traders can make good money every day with a small investment. No overnight tensions of International markets, as trades are purely Intraday



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Nirmal Mitra, Kolkatta

I have tried advisory services from many but i used to discontinue them within a month even if i paid for the entire month. But trading advisory provided by Nifty tech/Mr Ravi is something different. I have been using this service for the last couple of months. Now I .......

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Vipul L Chaudhari Maharashtra

He is the participant of ATM Level-2 Option Breakout Strategy-OBS Training program was held on 11th July 2015 at Chennai. His view on the training " Content in the course is great. By doing this, there is no need of Chart for Intraday trading. By adopting Option Break.......

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Manoj Basu, Sahibabad, UP

I joined BISTA 3 weeks ago and in three weeks I was just amazed with your Nifty and Bank Nifty intraday levels. It is a totally different and profitable approach you have sir. I tried many service earlier but after joining you I think I am in a safe hands, first time .......

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Karthik Keshava, Bangalore

I have been associated with Ravi Sir for a long time and till date was trading only in Positional Nifty but of late I decided to try trading in Intra Nifty Futures & Bank Nifty Futures as well and needless to say the results have been astounding. The levels work l.......

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Srinivasan, Kanchipuram

I lost of so much money in the Commodity segment especially in Crude, I tried so many tips providers calls but it worked on free trial but after I joined with them most of the trades stop loss triggerd and I was loosing money. After i joined BISTA Intra MCX COM servic.......

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Arun Jit, Kolkatta

I have been under the able guidance of Mr. Ravi from 12th May 2016 and have been trading in Nifty, Bank Nifty & Crude . It has been an amazing experience as to how his analytical skills have been perfect in determining the right levels at the right time . I have b.......

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Gopinath, Chennai

First, I thank u for the great levels, really your levels are super. I subscribed before two months and watched 15 -20 days without doing the actual trade, after i got the confidence on your level then only i started to do the trade. Now i am enjoying the trade everyd.......

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